Top dessert shops in Cherry Creek.

Top Sweet Treat Places Close to Gardens at Cherry Creek Apartments

Confession time: There’s always room for a sweet indulgence. If you’re a resident at Gardens at Cherry Creek apartments and your sweet tooth is tingling, you’re in luck because there are several delectable places nearby offering the best in baked goods, ice cream, and more. Let’s explore some top sweet shops within easy reach of Gardens at Cherry Creek.


Bonnie Brae Ice Cream

Since its inception in 1986, Bonnie Brae Ice Cream has become a Denver institution for ice cream lovers. Operating as a cherished family-owned local spot, they craft over 120 flavors in-house, showcasing a commitment to quality with premium ingredients from across the nation. Dive into their menu of mouth-watering flavors such as Salted Oreo and Grand Marnier Chocolate Chip. Discover their whole flavor roster and order online via the Bonnie Brae Ice Cream website.


Devil’s Food Bakery

Just a short distance from our Cherry Creek apartments, Devil’s Food Bakery awaits pastry enthusiasts with a plethora of baked delights. Whether you crave pies, donuts, or macarons, this local favorite has it all, alongside a cozy spot for coffee or tea. Visit the Devil’s Food Bakery website for more info.


Beard Papa’s

A single visit to Beard Papa’s is all it takes to understand why they’re renowned for the best cream puffs in the world. Originating in Japan in 1999 and now boasting over 400 locations globally, they’re conveniently located just 5 minutes from our apartments. Not to be missed are their delights like Oreo Cookie Crumble Eclair and Honey Butter. Dive into their full menu and order online at the Beard Papa’s website.


Katherine’s French Bakery & Cafe

For a touch of France, visit Katherine’s French Bakery, a haven for French pastry, cake, and cookie lovers. Their menu features exquisite choices like almond croissants and macarons, all crafted using traditional French baking techniques. Discover all the sweet temptations they offer on the Katherine’s French Bakery website.


Sweet Action

Committed to making the world better one ice cream scoop at a time, Sweet Action prides themselves on their delicious, planet-friendly ice cream made using wind power. Their selection spans from Dairy delights like Cold Brew Coffee to Vegan options such as Carrot Cake. Learn about their ice cream and see their full lineup on the Sweet Action website.


Heaven Creamery

For those preferring natural ingredients, Heaven Creamery, situated a stone’s throw away from our apartments, offers ice cream that’s free from processed sugar, artificial flavors, or additives. Venture out with unique flavors like avocado or grasshopper-vanilla. In addition to ice cream, they serve delectable milkshakes, churros, and waffles. Check out their offerings on the Heaven Creamery website.


Discover your next favorite dessert spot among these delightful nearby places. Visit Gardens at Cherry Creek today for a tour of our stunning community and floor plans.

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